3 More Reason to Love Twilight -

3 More Reason to Love Twilight

3 More Reason to Love Twilight

You don't have to be a photographer to know how the golden hour makes you look flawless. The soft lighting eliminates any harsh shadows under your eyes and makes your skin look smooth like butter. Well, there is a time that follows the golden hour that makes properties everywhere sparkle the same way. That time is known as twilight to professional architecture photographers everywhere. It is the brief time right after the golden hour that casts a blue hue in the sky. The time right before darkness that accentuates every detail of a property without it being completely black in the background.

Twilight photography has become a very popular type of photography in the real estate market in the last few years. These photos are usually taken at dusk, before the sky completely gets dark and after the Sun has left us.  This limited time has created breathtaking photos as long as photography has been around. You might be at the beach, in the city or at the mountains, but everybody notices the beautiful pinkish or dark blue sky the sun leaves behind. Most people overlook the effect this time will have when it comes to photographing houses.  Here are the top 3 reasons why twilight photos have become so popular in recent years.

  1. Create Glamour- Glamour is not inherited. Glamour is not purchased. Glamour is created. The soft lighting of dusk and the beautiful lights coming from the property combine to create a fabulous mood any home owner would love to lavish in after the end of a long day. It invites you to grab a glass of wine and make your way to your cozy porch to snuggle up with the the family poodle. The property appears more prestigious, more expensive. This glamour can be created for almost any property, regardless of size and location. However, it is easy to imagine how properties with unique architecture, location, size, or features would sparkle even moreReal Estate Photographer, Architecture, real estate photography, real estate photos

  2.  Stand Out-  The large majority of real estate photos on the internet are taken during the daytime. So imagine how a beautifully lit twilight photo will stand out in the crowd and your local competition. It grabs the attention of home buyers by simply being different in a fabulous way. This is especially important in a buyer's market where standing out is crucial to garner more interest in your listingReal Estate Photographer, Architecture, real estate photography, real estate photos

  3. Fulfill Curiosity- Most listings that even include twilight photos showcase the rest of the property at daytime. The buyer might be curious to know what the property looks like at night. This is especially true if the property has views that sparkle at night. Since most buyers will not swing by at the property both at night and daytime, why not show them how glamours the property looks at night too?Real Estate Photographer, Architecture, real estate photography, real estate photos

So the next time you have a property on the market, request a twilight photo and experience the benefit it adds to your listing. Most photographers will charge extra for these photos as they are very tricky to capture due to the low light during dusk and all the extra time spent on each photo in processing. The extra cost will be well worth the attention your property will garner.

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