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We will let the numbers talk on this one:
Real Estate Video 53x More likely to be on the first page of Google search. Video can earn a +41% Increase in click-through rate on search results 75% Increase in closing client leads
*Source Google
That is the type of boost video can give your property. We shoot property tour videos for any size and style property, fully furnished or vacant. Covering Orange County, Los Angels County, Riverside County, and surrounding.

Property videos starting at $270

Property Tours Videos

The only star needed for these videos is the property! We showcase the best parts of the property with fitting music in high quality video lasting between 1-3minutes. These videos have increasingly become a must have marketing tool for agents looking for a fresh way to showcase their properties.

Narrated Property Videos

A voice over narration accompany a property tour to highlight the various features of a house in these videos. We can provide the voice over artist and write the script or the client can provide their own narration to be edited with the video. A narrated property video is excellent for unique properties with character or various upgrades and features that stand to benefit from being pointed out.

Lifestyle Videos

Sometimes, showing the property by itself isn't quite enough to depict the lifestyle the property inspires. Storylines and actors are then used that best fit the property to create a more engaging property videos. The storyline can stay strictly in the property or spill over to nearby areas that add to the lifestyle of the property. Popular areas include beaches, parks, shopping centers and the desert. Since these types of videos require more filming and actors are involved, planning ahead and having plenty of time to shoot is essential.