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7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid For Sale By Owner – Infographic

7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid For Sale By Owner Infographic  Selling a house is no easy feat. There are many guidelines to follow, documents to sign, and inspections to have completed. Having a real estate agent is a no brainer for most but there are some brave hearts who go at it alone. The…
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Home Staging Tips Our 7 Best Ideas For Selling Your Home

We’re not interior designers or home stagers, but we often get asked what homeowners should do before we show up to photograph their for sale properties. We love getting asked this question because it means the listing agent or the homeowners are open to doing some work to make sure the house is photo ready.…
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Real Estate Photography Tips – Our Top 10 DUH Moments !

Years ago, we got into photography to shoot events. The fact that the field of real estate photography existed was an unknown factor for us. Of course we saw beautiful pictures of homes on magazines and flyers, but we never really connected the dots. That was until a realtor friend of ours brought it to…
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Interior Design Styles for Rental Properties don’t have to be BORING !!!

Design can make all the difference. When it comes to rental properties, the way you choose your interior design can be the deciding factor between someone choosing your property or your competition's property for their Disneyland vacation. For this blog post, we wanted to show you one of our recently completed shoots of a rental done correctly.…
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3 More Reason to Love Twilight

3 More Reason to Love Twilight You don't have to be a photographer to know how the golden hour makes you look flawless. The soft lighting eliminates any harsh shadows under your eyes and makes your skin look smooth like butter. Well, there is a time that follows the golden hour that makes properties everywhere…
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