Interior Design Styles for Rental Properties don't have to be BORING !!! -

Interior Design Styles for Rental Properties don’t have to be BORING !!!

Design can make all the difference. When it comes to rental properties, the way you choose your interior design can be the deciding factor between someone choosing your property or your competition's property for their Disneyland vacation.

For this blog post, we wanted to show you one of our recently completed shoots of a rental done correctly. Located near Disneyland in Anaheim, California, this property's fresh colors and fitting furniture invites you in with a promise of a good stay.

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Each of its Four Bedrooms and Two Bathrooms are made to have a feel separating it from the one that came before it. No detail is overlooked , from the dressers to the pillows.

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interior design - styles - finally re - anaheim-1809

interior design - styles - finally re - anaheim-1827

The Kitchen has been completely redesigned with custom cabinets, gorgeous granite counters and a generous breakfast bar. It makes it the perfect location for breakfast, lunch, or dinner all while blending perfectly with the living room and dining area surrounding it.

interior design - styles - finally re - anaheim-1920

The Beautiful Wood Formal Dinning area sits a party of eight with the breakfast bar able to sit an addition four comfortably.  The kids also have their own sitting area with a personal table that sits up to four.

interior design - styles - finally re - anaheim-1978

The Living Room offers top of the line leather seating for up to 8 and colors that really bring together the entire house.

interior design - styles - finally re - anaheim-1875

Overall, this beautiful rental shows what can be done when you pay attention to every little detail of a property. Your rental property doesn't have to be big to accommodate a large party: it just has to be furnished and decorated right. Using tasteful pieces, you can can a rental your guests never want to leave!

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