Finally! A website dedicated to real estate videos only! -

Finally! A website dedicated to real estate videos only!

To say we love shooting property tour videos is an understatement. We have filmed properties ranging from 450sqft to 10,000sqft, from $150,000 to $19,000,000. Although some properties are more awe-inspiring than others, we are always looking to showcase the best they have to offer! From our experiences and the feedback we get from our clients, there is no doubt that video has moved real estate marketing to the next level. But we often got one question from our clients: "Where should I post this video?"

The usual answer is YouTube or Facebook. Although both sites have done wonders for marketing, it is easy to see how a real estate video can get lost in popular social media websites.  According to a 2017 YouTube Statistics, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! That is an insane amount of video that is flooding social media websites. Then is it a surprise the average property tour video only gets a handful of views?  Of course, you can try paid advertising, but that can be costly and might not get your videos in front of the right audience.

That is why we are very excited about this new website,, a new website that is made for sharing and viewing property tour videos in all the major US Cities and surrounding areas, is what we will be telling our clients about.  Realtors can create profiles and upload their videos for free and share them in the designated areas. This way, it is easy to manage their videos in one place and share them with those that are looking for properties in that specific city or neighborhood.

If the property tour videos are already on YouTube or Vimeo, that's perfect. Just use that link to upload the video on Check out the website and see for yourself. The short video above explains how the process works.



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